"From the modern day Edgar Allan Poe, comes a piece of writing so capturing, enthralling and all consuming, its hard to stop reading. The darkened undertones which scream 'make me into a movie' and the quickened pace the quality story runs in all make for an amazing read, to us our 'must read' of 2016."  -  TE Magazine.


Johnny Daggers may be best known for his films and literary work, but aside from being a filmmaker and author, he is also a music composer, actor, and internationally published model. In his 9 year film career Daggers has released two major feature length films, Noctambulist, and an indie horror documentary entitled Blood On The Reel: The Guts Behind Indie Horror.  Both films were released world-wide through SGL  Entertainment. He has has ten producer credits to his name.  And has composed music for a handful of film soundtracks. Daggers has acted in four indie films, starring in one. And was an extra in two episodes of the A&E television series "Those Who Kill". As a model, he has been published in over a hundred publications and has graced the cover of over a dozen magazines. He was also one of a select few male models chosen to be published in Bizarre Magazine. And although Daggers writes all of his own film scripts, he did not release his first book until 2016, when he released the novella Neverlasting through Burning Bulb Publishing. The story was adapted from a script that he had written for a film entitled Mo Anam Cara which was to star Doug Bradley (Pinhead in Hellraiser) sadly, due to budget issues, the film came to a grind halt half way through pre-production. 

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